The first batch of right rudder new energy vehicles of Xinlongma Automobile exported to Nepal


2021 is the 66th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nini. In the past 66 years, China and Nihon are connected. Under the "Belt and Road" initiative framework, the cooperation between China andigen has achieved a series of results. Xinlongma Automobile actively responded to the national “Belt and Road” initiative. On October 11, the Nepalese SEV Group and Xinlongma Automobile held a signing ceremony. The two parties signed a distribution agreement and the first batch of 100 M70L electric vehicle sales contracts to officially start a cooperation journey. This is the first micro -card and micro -surface overseas order signed by Xinlongma Automobile this year. The right rudder's electric animal flow vehicle has also become another export weapon for New Longma cars.

On October 4th, at the National Day holiday, the first batch of right rudder new energy logistics vehicles in Xinlongma cars over the Gelansa Pass of Malaysia and arrived in Nepal. The SEV Group of Nepal received a test drive experience and related tests for the first time, and highly affirmed the comprehensive performance and quality of the core Sandian of the new Longma Motor Electric Vehicle Sample. This also accelerated the formal cooperation between the two parties, so the two parties officially signed a distribution agreement and the first 100 M70L orders.

Nepal is a inland country in South Asia, located at the southern foot of the Himalayas. The narrow terrain has made small and micro transport in Nepal. In recent years, Nepal's economy has developed steadily, and the demand for small and micro cars has continued to increase. The exhaust of cars has also exacerbated pollution in cities such as Kathmandu. In order to protect the "pure land" under the roof of the world and protect tourism resources, Nepal's advantages in using hydropower resources have been firmly selected to develop electric vehicles. As early as 2018, the "Electric Travel National Action Plan" was proposed. The goal of electric vehicles.

The successful development of the Nepalese market in Xinlongma is a microcosm of the global marketing strategy of Xinlongma Automobile. Since the call in response to the national "Belt and Road" initiative in 2014, Xinlongma Automobile has actively implemented the "going global" strategy. After several years of overseas market cultivation, the products have been exported to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. And region. In September this year, Xinlongma Automobile sent backbone for technology, production, and after -sales to the first largest country in Africa and Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa to assist the M70 CKD project in the local area.

Regardless of whether it is built in Nigeria or launching right ruds of new energy electric vehicles in the Nepal market, Xinlongma Motors will always adhere to the localization of overseas markets in detail, and open up territory in overseas markets with better products and services.

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