About Us

Keyton Auto is affiliated to Fujian Auto Industry Group Co., Ltd. (short for "FJ Auto"). FJ Auto owns Fujian Benz Van(JV with Mercedes), King Long Bus (leading brand in China), and South East Car. Since the good sales of Mercedes Van, FJ Auto set up Keyton in 2010 with German craft management system. Keyton Auto is one of leading providers of comprehensive commercial vehicles, especially electric commercial vehicles, and zero emission commercial operation solutions in China. We can produce various kind of vehicles such as minivan,minitruck,SUV,MPV, van, light truck, city bus,hatchback,pickup and so on. In addition,it has various production bases through out the country: the Henan base for A00 hatchback models, the Guangzhou base for pickup models,and the Ganzhou base for 11seats, 14seats minivan and light truck,longyan base for 2 to 8 seats Minivan and minitrucks

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