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Four process workshop:

1. Stamping workshop

The stamping line adopts the advanced system of ABB;

Uses the system of KBS(Dual robot rail system) , which be firstly used by ABB;

The first press in punch line uses the system of DDC (dynamic driving chain) ,which be secondly used in

the Chinese market by ABB.

2. Welding workshop

Body line: SKID circulate delivery system;

The line of welding: ABB ROBOT;

Use the advanced automatic vehicle management system.

3. Painting workshop

Pretreatment electrophoresis: The swing rod chain continuously;

Drying furnace: The type of U drying chamber continuously;

Spray paint system: The spraying robot by FANUC's newest wall hanging type.

4. Assembly workshop

The trim and final conveying line : The FDS delivery system;

The chassis conveying line: FDS air friction delivery technology;

The detection line: the  Baoke brand system made in USA.

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