Current state of the light truck industry


Trucks are also called cargo vehicles and are generally called trucks. They refer to vehicles that are mainly used to transport goods. Sometimes they also refer to vehicles that can tow other vehicles. They belong to the category of commercial vehicles. Generally, trucks can be divided into four types according to their weight: micro trucks, light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks. Among them, light trucks refer to the N1 category vehicles in the N category of vehicle classifications with a maximum design total mass of no more than 3.5 tons. The main features are a flat head, a GVW between 2.5 tons and 8 tons, and a vehicle length of less than 9.0 meters. The chamber width is greater than 1600mm and less than 1995mm.

The items transported by light trucks are mainly urban logistics and distribution of consumer goods such as furniture and home decoration, agricultural and sideline foods, and daily necessities, which are closely related to consumption levels. Therefore, urbanization is the long-term fundamental factor driving the increase in demand for urban logistics distribution and light trucks.

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